b e a u t y

b e a u t y t i p s
  • start your day with one glass of water before brush your teeth
  • take a spoon of pure honey
  • take a bath in the morning
  • take fruits and vegetables everyday
  • drink 10 glasses of water everyday
  • clean your face 3 times a day
  • scrub you skin 3 times a week
  • sleep early 
  • wear a smile
  • keep calm and happy
  • maintain your wudhu'
  • perform solah 5 times a day 
h o w  t o  g e t  s m o o t h  l i p s ?
  • slice a ginger into small pieces
  • clean your lips with it to remove the dead skin 
  • wash your lips with water
  • and make your lips smile~ :p